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Supporting Our Managers And Boards With Online Functionality

Both Board Members and the homeowners of an HOA community have ongoing questions and needs. ACS provides each of our clients a full-service website that serves as yet another line of communication. After all, communication is the key to satisfied homeowners.

Our website offers two levels of access: the first level is for board members and gives transparent access to financial records, follow-up on activities, organization agendas for board meetings and updating of membership records. The second level of access is for community members for activities like: paying dues, viewing of CC&Rs, reviewing meeting minutes and a recommendation form for new ideas.

ACS also provides an online structure that organizes board members' duties. The online structure records action items, schedules reminders on urgent tasks and keeps property managers in sync with board members. At ACS, we feel communication is the key to long-term relationships.


  • An Interactive Website is Developed for Each Association
  • Maintain a List of Board Members and Board Meeting Minutes
  • Provide Easy Access of Association's Monthly Records
  • Distribute and Store Association's Important Information and Documents
  • Board Member Access to Financial Records and Meeting Follow-ups
  • Send Association E-mails and Mailings
  • Create and Distribute a Monthly Community Newsletter
  • Availability for Homeowner Access to Association CC&Rs and By-Laws
  • Provide Homeowner recommendation/complaint database
  • Create Online Ownership and Map of Development
  • Provide Assessment Collections (Online Payment of Dues)
  • Automate Welcome Packet to new Owners/Move-ins
  • Send Friendly Late-Fee Monthly Dues Notices

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